Best Things to See While Staying in Indianapolis

Best Things to See While Staying in Indianapolis


If you ask anyone in the US, what the city of Indianapolis is most famous for, most likely that person would tell you about the Indianapolis 500 car racing event, which he or she saw on TV… But in fact, besides hosting that motor racing bonanza annually, the city has a lot of other decent attractions! The list can start with either the Victoria Field baseball stadium, where you can see the ball game, the Garfield Park, famous for its tall oaks and cherry trees or even the Michigan Lake shore.


Cafe Patachou

This contender, located at the city’s airport offers a wide choice of organic dishes, with a big emphasis put on vegetarian and gluten free meals…

St. Elmo Steak House

When visiting a typical farming Midwest state like Indiana, enjoying a steak and fried farm vegetables on the side would make perfect sense!

Repeal Restaurant

Being one of the oldest bars & restaurants in the city and serving as a main bootlegging venue during the Prohibition era, this one has a lot of beverages and burgers to offer!

Shapiro’s Delicatessen

A traditionally Italian deli place, also serving some Jewish desserts as well, Shapiro’s is by far the Indy’s top rated bakery of them all!

Scotty’s Brewhouse

Good craft & draft beer, on par with incredible meat burgers and steaks, will make your visit worthwhile and yummy!

So while deciding next time where to go for a lunch try to choose just one of these 5 delicious locations!

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